How to start playing

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Welcome to MU BK - to start your journey, please registering a Game Account as below step:

  1. Access Register.
  2. Read TERMS AND CONDITIONS and accept by click OK
    Register term.JPG
  3. Enter into the fields provided on the registration page:
    1. Username
    2. Password (can tick Show option to show/hide Password)
    3. Repeat Password (can tick Show option to show/hide Password)
    4. Security ID (for deleting In-game Character, lock/unlock In-game Warehouse)
    5. Email (for recover forgot password)
    6. Secret Question (for recover forgot password)
    7. Secret Answer (for recover forgot password)
    8. Country
    9. Gender
    10. Input Verify Code (type again display Verify Code)
  4. Click New Account to submit your registration.
    Register info.JPG

Game download

  1. Login with your registered Account. The login box is in the top-left corner of the website.
    Web login.JPG
  2. Go to Downloads page.
  3. Choose and download zip file Full Client with your prefer Host. Then extract anywhere in your PC.
    Download full client.JPG
  4. If you're using Windows 7, please download Launcher It's a hotfix for Windows 7 only. For Windows 10, you can use Launcher in zip file Full Client normally.
    Download launcher windows7.JPG
  5. If this is the first time you install MU Online in your PC, please make sure the you already installed Microsoft Visual C++.
    Download microsoft visual cpp.JPG
  6. Make sure your PC already have .NET Framework 4.7.2 Runtime. If no, please download and install it to use our Launcher.
    Download net framework runtime.JPG

Game play

  1. Start Launcher.exe
    Start launcher.JPG
  2. (Optional) Change configuration by the gear icon in the top-right of Launcher:
    Launcher gear.JPG
    1. Account: auto insert In-game login account
    2. Color mode: default is 32 bit
    3. Enable/Disable Sound (effect sound), Music (background music)
    4. Resolution: default is 800x600
    5. Language: default is English
    Config launcher.JPG
  3. (Optional) Active Window mode by tick Winmode box next to GAME START button. By default this tick box will be empty for Full screen mode
    Launcher winmode.JPG
  4. Start game by click GAME START
    Launcher game start.JPG

You should see loading screen as below:

Game loading.JPG